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Wed, 5 Dec 2012
Fans Will Manage Online a Real Basketball Team.

Basketball United promises to revolutionize the way sports teams are managed. It introduces the innovative concept of having online users participate in a professional team's decision-making process via online voting. It also offers them to play in the world's first reality sports game.

"The idea was born as a result of two factors: sports fans' willingness to express their opinions and to be heard, and our belief that the fans are the most important asset of every professional sports team," states Valentin Mitov, one of the co-founders and CEO of "We hope that our basketball team will proove that this management model will be successful and more fan-friendly, and will soon be adopted by other sports teams around the world."

The website will provide the FanManagers with voting platform, full statistics, videos of practices and games, and interviews with players and coaches. Everyone who loves the sport of basketball and has an internet connection may register, vote, manage and support this unique professional basketball team, regardless of his or her nationality. Registered FanManagers will have the opportunity to participate in the establishment of the team; they will propose, vote and select: the team's name, logo and mascot. Later, the team will organize a try-out camp for pre-selected basketball players and the FanManagers will be able to watch it online and choose which players should sign professional contracts with the team. As the season progresses, they will also vote and decide on issues such as: releasing or hiring a player or a coach, team roster and starting five for each game, and more.

In addition, all FanManagers of the team will be able to compete against each other in the first Reality basketball manager game. The ones who make the best decisions for the team will be recognized each month and will be awarded prizes. "Fantasy sports games are becoming increasingly popular, and we believe that a REALITY sports game will take the sports-entertainment and gaming industries to another level," says Mr. Mitov.

About the company

Basketball United is a project of Bulgarian start-up company Reality Sport Ltd. The company's main goal is to disrupt the professional sports- entertainment industry by allowing sports fans to become sports managers (FanManagers).

Basketball United hopes to build a successfull professional basketball team, which can proove to all traditional sports clubs that the fans are truely a team's greatest asset and can make good sports management decisions.

The company is currently in the process of negotiating with strategic partners and potential sponsors of the team, which is planned to join Bulgaria's A Basketball League during the 2013-2014 season.

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