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Rules for FanManagers
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Since all training sessions, games, and even team-related social events held throughout the season will be available to watch on, our FanManagers will have the opportunity to learn almost everything about the team, its players and coaching staff no matter where they live (as long as they have good Internet connection). Our FanManagers will be presented with all necessary tools and information to make the most educated decisions, thus ensuring the successful development of our on-line managed professional basketball team.

In order to make our project even more interesting, our FanManagers will be ranked against each other in a special section on our website (GAME), according to their votes and respective outcome. For each specific vote, they will earn points throughout the season and the ones with the highest ranking will be awarded cash and other prizes. We believe that this way, they'll have additional motivation to participate actively in the management process of the team.

    All registered FanManagers will:
  1. 1. Have access to the Manager Module on the website, allowing them to vote on different issues relaed to the team
  2. 2. Be able to vote only once per question/issue. One person is allowed to open only one manager account. Any intentional or non-intentional attempts for fraudulent or any abusive use will result in account suspension.
  3. 3. Be able to compete among each other in an on-line game and win cash and/or other prizes, based on accumulated points for their managerial participation and decision-making. For more information on game rules and prizes, please visit section GAME.

Voting and Decision Process

All issues/questions, which the FanManagers vote on, will be decided based on the majority rule, i. e. the one that receives at least 50%+1 of the total votes. If an issue/ question has more than two possible voting actions and neither receives at least 50% of the votes, a second voting will be organized in which only the top two options who received the most votes on the previous voting, will be given as an option. The decision in this case will be made again based on the majority rule.

All issues/questions will be posted on for a period of at least 24 hours, so that FanManagers from all over the world will be able to cast their votes, although in certain exceptional cases it may be possible that the period is shorter.

1. The first issues that the FanManagers will be able to vote on and make decisions are: team name, team logo and team mascot. For that purpose, they will be able to send their suggestions on-line through The most interesting ones will be selected by the project's administrators and presented as options on the on-line voting module, so that the FanManagers will be able to choose one of each.

2. A roster of 20 players will be selected via a tryout tournament; the FanManagers will select 12 players and the coaching staff another 8 players for a total of 20. Later, a training camp will be organized, after which the FanManagers will be able to select the 14 players that will be offered to sign contracts with the team. The coaching staff will have the right to select two players which, if are not already on the FanManager list of 14 players, will be offered contracts instead of the 13th and 14th players who received the least votes from the FanManagers.

3. Before each game, the FanManagers will be able to vote and select the 10-player roster of the team. Again, the coaching staff will have the option to select up to two players to include in the roster, if they are not already selected by the FanManagers.

4. Before each game, the FanManagers will also be able to vote and select the starting five players, assuming all chosen five are healthy and ready to play. If one or more of the selected players are not, the next one, two, etc. with the most votes will start the game. When a player is selected to be in the starting five, that will guarantee him a playing time of at least 25 minutes per game, unless unfavorable circumstances occur during the game (such as injury, foul trouble, etc.).

5. After each game, the FanManagers will be able to vote and select the MVP of the team for that specific game and also The Best Team player of the game, which will allow those players to receive bonuses.

6. After the first half of the season is over, the FanManagers will be able to vote on firing players and/ or hiring new ones with whom the team administrators have reached a contract agreement in principal. After the FanManagers vote and make their selection, the respective "old" players will be dismissed from the team and the new one(s) will automatically begin to fulfill his(their) contract(s).

7. If at any time, any of the players and/or coaches breaches his contract, he will be subject to firing by the team administrators, but only after the FanManagers vote and make a decision on this issue.

Disclaimer:'s administrators reserve the right to modify, add or remove rules at their own discretion.

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