Be a Real Manager of a Real Basketball Team!
About us

We are a team of professionals, some of us former basketball players, with a total experience of more than 40 years in sports management and marketing, brand development, sporting goods sales, video and music production, graphics design, web design and programming.

Although our knowledge, experience and organisational skills will be vital to the successful creation and development of this innovative project, it is our belief that you - the FanManagers of will be the most essential part of our unique online sports management approach.

Our Mission

Revolutionize the way sports team are managed - allow you, basketball fans from all over the world to manage your own professional basketball team via an interactive online platform. Together we will turn a newly established, unknown professional basketball team, into one of the world's most renown and successful sports teams.

Our moto

"Don't be just a fan, be a FanManager".

Our promise

Although our management team will be taking care of the web platform and the daily operations of the basketball team, we will make sure that all sports related decisions are made according to the decisions of the majority of our FanManagers.

For detailed explanation, please read the FanManager Rules.

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